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Does offer Insurance on shipping?

Posted on 01 March 2022 06:16 pm

Yes, actually offers inurance coverage as an option to all customers. Insurance is not automatic. In fact, you have to choose / select insurance coverage during the order process. All orders shipped do not come with coverage / insurance by default. You have to select insurance if you want to ensure your package is safe. Insurance is not required but is strongly reccomended. If the value of your order is over $100 USD. You might want to protect your device(s) / packages.

You have the option to purchase coverage / insurance on the check out / cart page on

Sending your order / items does not automaticly come with insurance / coverage. All items in your order is not protected against theft, damage or lost while IN-TRANSIT. We can not provide order support while your package is in-transit.

So we recommend you purchase insurance, as we can not be liable for your package not arriving at our warehouse location, or being damage or lost while in-transit.

So please do yourself a favour and purchase insurance for your items.

Also if you ship your package / order with your own mail provider like UPS or FedX. You are still liable for your package while in transit.