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Can I pay for shipping? Do I have to use USPS / Free Shipping Option? Can I use my own mail & shipping provider?

Posted on 01 March 2022 06:05 pm takes great pride in providing free shipping for our customers. When you get a cash offer on our web site, and submit an order. You will get an welcome / order confirmation email instantly. The email contains a free prepaid shipping label. This label can then be printed.

When ever you submit an order. You will get a prepaid label sent to your email right away.

Our goal is take the burden off our customers. That is why we provide free shipping. We do not want customers to pay for shipping. We contract thru (USPS) the United States Post Office. Our prepaid shipping labels are provided by USPS. So all orders have to be shipped via USPS / Local Post Office.

If you want free shipping. You to use our FREE LABEL with your order. You can not use UPS, FedX or any other Mail Provider with our free shipping option.


Can any customer use their own mail / shipping provider?

YOU are welcome to use any mail / shipping provider of your choice. You do not have to use USPS / Our Free Shipping provider.

You are responsible for paying for shipping and insurance on your order. We are not liable if your package / order, devices, electronics is stolen, lost and damaged while IN-TRANSIT.  That is why we strongly reccomend you ship your order with our FREE LABELS with USPS. 

If you choose your own mail / shipping provider. Our FREE shipping option will not apply. You will have to pay your own shipping. will not be able to cover shipping. We also can not be responsible for your package / order while IN-TRANSIT , IN-ROUTE. 

You can choose to use UPS, FedX or anyone else. But you are responsible and liable for any damage to your order / package while in transit. We also can not provide any ORDER SUPPORT. If you do not use USPS / Free Shipping option.

If your order contained insurance, it will not cover your package / order.  Insurance only covers you, if you choose our Free Shipping Label option with your order.

We can not provide insurance coverage for UPS / FedX.

So please make sure, your item is shipped to the correct address found on our Free Labels.