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Is my Cash Offer Guaranted?

Posted on 03 August 2021 04:34 pm cash offers are never guranteed until your devices passes inspection. Once your device(s) arrive at our location, we perform a full inspection from IMEI Check, hardware check to see if your device is lost, stolen, financed, balance owed, etc

Cash offers can be guranteed if you play by the rule. But as with all our competitors online, same rules apply to conditions to cash offers. 

Most of the time, when orders get rejected (we will send your device(s) back to you) or cash offers get reduced. It's because customers lack the education / understanding of the Technology / Wireless / Electronics industry. 

We are here to educate and assist you during your experience with us. Always feel free to reach out to us for all questions or concerns. 

There are factors that can impact & reduce your cash offer. 

  • Fiananced Phones, balanced owed to your phone carrier, phones attached to an wireless carrier account.
  • Bad IMEI, Blocked IMEI
  • Incorrect information on your order (ie: wrong storage size, wrong brand / name of device, wrong condition reported, etc)
  • Locked Google / iCloud email accounts on devices which we can not remove. 
  • Locked devices with pin # or passwords in which you forgotten


In the above situations, we can often buy your device(s). But at a reduced offer aroud 50 to 60% less than your original cash offer from our web site. 

In most situations, if you put the correct information on your order form. And the above situations do not apply to you. Then your cash offer will be guaranteed.